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Brands can leverage
a certified and
traceable story


Trabaldo Togna

Trabaldo Togna
Trabaldo Togna, founded in 1840 in the Biella region, is specialized in the production of 100% elastic wool fabrics without synthetic fibres. Over the last 15 years, Trabaldo Togna has developed the only fabric in the world, with a very high percentage of natural elasticity without the addition of synthetic fibers, derived from oil: Estrato.
The company is also known for its significant investments in research and development in the textile sector. Indeed, in February 2018 was born the collaboration with the Chargeurs group, French leader in combed wool production, with the Organica project.
Organica for Estrato is a strategic partnership that combines traceability and durability of wool. Part of Estrato's production is made with Organica wool.


In 1842, when Jules Dormeuil became a cloth merchant, he did not imagine that his business would become a great name in elegance. Yet, more than 175 years later, this is what Maison Dormeuil is all about. Over the years, its reputation has gained the Haute Couture and its fabrics appear in the most prestigious fashion shows. Today, Dormeuil offers exceptional fabrics, in limited edition, made from rare fibres, carefully selected at the ends of the planet. Always more concerned about preserving the environment and the animals from which wool is sourced, as well as guaranteeing good working conditions for people throughout the production chain, the company relies on Organica certification to develop the Tonik® Wool fabric, made from 100% Patagonian wool, produced in an ideal environment where sheep are raised in the heart of nature, in the purest tradition of the country.
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